Hello Lowland Farm followers:
            The holidays are just around the corner.  If you are interested in a holidayham, brisket, or prime rib, please let us know because supplies will be limited.  Hams are available whole or halved, either smoked (nitrate/nitrite free) or fresh (not smoked).  Prime rib is available bone-in, or boneless and tied. Bacon is still in stock, and  we have a variety of all natural, nitrate/nitrite free sausages… including Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Mexican or Colombian style Chorizo, and Andouille (all for $10/package).
            We are still well  stocked with beef.   See stock report below for details.
          Lowland Farm market  will be open  Saturday, March 14th, from  10 AM – 3 PM.  Check stock report below for details.


Check out some farm photos:



           Lowland Farm grassfed beef and pastured pork will now be available atHarvest Moon Health and Nutrition in West Milford, NJ.  It is located at 22 Marshall Hill Rd. Click on this link for more info:
We are now very happy to offer the option of online purchasing!  All grass-fed beef and pastured pork cuts can be purchased online. F ollow the link below to check it out!









This week’s Stock Report 3/14: 


           Grassfed Beef … Sold out of filet mignon, and brisket.  All other cuts in stock.

Pastured Pork…. Fully Stocked

 1/2 and 1/4 Roasting Chickens & Whole Soup Chickens are available.

We will have eggs & honey.

 Cactus Pete’s Beef Jerky is in stock !!!


Next beef resupply:  March 16th.

Next pork resupply:  March 19th




 *  For all of our customers who want a specific cut of meat and are worried that it may sell out,  please e-mail your requests to info@lowlandfarm.com.  We will accommodate  as many orders as possible in the order we receive them.