It seems as though we’re stuck some place between winter and spring!  There’s plenty of mud, plenty of ice, and we might not be done with the snow… the slippery terrain makes it a challenge to get all the animals their hay.  Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to get 5 dump trailers full of apples and cider pressings for the pigs, thanks to Steve Pennings and Och’s Orchard.  We were told to monitor the hogs to make sure they didn’t get drunk from any fermented apples…  we didn’t see any evidence of sloppy behavior, but the pigs did continue to eat the ground the apples had been sitting on long after there was nothing left.  This week, in anticipation of calving, we will separate the mother cows from their one year olds.  This is always a tricky proposition… but it is time for the yearlings to strike out on their own.  For about 4 or 5 days we will need to keep an eye on both groups because they will break out of their paddocks and try to find one another.  The reason we need to ween the yearlings is because they really get in the way once the new calves are born and they will compete with their younger siblings for milk.
            The holidays are just around the corner. We have a number of items that would be perfect for a holiday meal… ham, brisket, prime rib, bone-in pork loin roasts, and eye rounds (for a great roast beef).  Hams are available whole or halved, either smoked (nitrate/nitrite free) or fresh (not smoked).  Prime rib is available bone-in, or boneless and tied. Bacon is still in stock, and  we have a variety of all natural, nitrate/nitrite free sausages… including Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Mexican or Colombian style Chorizo, and Andouille (all for $10/package).
See stock report below for details.
          Lowland Farm market  will be open  Saturday, March 21st, from  10 AM – 3 PM.  Check stock report below for details.


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