Responsibly Raised – Sustainably Grazed – Regenerative Agriculture

We don’t fertilize, we don’t plow, we don’t plant – we are managing our pastures with the animals themselves. What we do is holistic grazing – it’s a way of managing your pasture with the animals.


— Will Brown in Organic, by Francesco Mastaglia, 2012

Lowland Farm

At Lowland Farm, we practice intensive rotational grazing of cattle. This approach maximizes cow health and improves soil by sequestering carbon and nitrogen. The cow herd is moved daily so that grasses are eaten uniformly. The cows get the tops of the grass, the most nutritious part, and the herd’s hoof action boosts soil fertility and water infiltration. At base, we consider ourselves grass farmers, because soil health is most important.

Sheep graze in a simple rotational system. Sheep rotate through more than one pasture and graze on each pasture for weeks to months before moving to the next one. As with the cattle herd, the health of the soil and the quality of our grass is paramount.

Lowland Farm