About Grass-Fed Beef

When you buy grass-fed beef, you are supporting a system of production that benefits the land, its animals, and you. Grass-fed beef comes from healthy animals who inhabit a natural environment and produce meat lower in fat and higher in some important nutrients. For us, what’s most important is that grass-fed beef tastes better, having the full beefy flavor beef was meant to have.

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About Pastured Pork

Pork produced out of doors is enjoyed for its flavor as well as for the humane and environmentally-protective manner in which it is raised.

Heritage breeds, such as the Durocs and Berkshires raised on Lowland Farm, have been revived because their flavor is so much superior to that of the hothouse hybrids widely used in confinement production.

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About Grass-Fed Lamb

Sheep produce the best-tasting meat when raised on simple grass because of the natural fat they have on their bodies.  Raising sheep on grass benefits the animals and improves the pasture-land itself when rotational grazing practices are used such as on Lowland Farm.

Sheep breeds at Lowland include Katahdins, Dorpers, and St. Croix, all “hair” breeds that shed naturally and thrive on pasture.

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